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6:27 pm: VIDEO: US circus group to stop using elephants

6:17 pm: Ukrainian pilot ends hunger strike

6:07 pm: Burkina orders Sankara exhumation

5:59 pm: Argentina prosecutor 'was murdered'

5:54 pm: Nuclear deal 'very bad for Iranians'

5:53 pm: Myanmar education activists arrested

5:53 pm: MPs face ban on taxis and perks

5:50 pm: Manor Marussia cleared for F1 start

5:49 pm: BBC rejects DUP's TV debate appeal

5:47 pm: Man 'critical' after work incident

5:30 pm: Special needs bid 'a boxing match'

5:14 pm: Victim locked eyes with Boston bomber

5:09 pm: Teachers 'give higher marks to girls'

5:02 pm: Sexist chanting needs reporting – FA

4:55 pm: Walsh murder appeal 'has no merit'

4:52 pm: 'Boko Haram' kill scores in Nigeria

4:50 pm: MTV Movie nominations are announced

4:48 pm: North Korea 'detains' Canada pastor

4:41 pm: Airplane skids off New York runway

4:41 pm: Ex-MP denial after police search home

4:31 pm: VIDEO: 'My house was searched by police'

4:20 pm: Apple iOS 8.2 Release Date And Full Features Leak

4:11 pm: Toronto tunnel was a 'man cave'

4:06 pm: Soldier deaths review backs decision

4:05 pm: Why some Indians want to 'Ban BBC'

3:59 pm: VIDEO: Fears for Indian tea workers' welfare

3:55 pm: Nigeria's 'brown envelope' journalism

3:50 pm: What You Owe Your Employer – And What Your Employer Owes You

3:48 pm: Egyptian interior minister removed

3:45 pm: Hotel chain confirms hack attack

3:23 pm: Thousands stranded at Nepal airport

3:21 pm: The Fed Knows Why Walmart Raised Wages

3:18 pm: Glasgow council confirms Cosla exit

2:59 pm: Murray 'unlikely' to play doubles

2:52 pm: EU in new pledge to cut red tape

2:52 pm: 'Primary schoolchildren in gangs'

2:51 pm: Evans denies spitting at Cisse

2:40 pm: Armed police changes to be announced

2:39 pm: Clever girls, stupid boys?

2:39 pm: 'Wrong body' cremated at MEP funeral